There are many reasons why you should make a will. The truth is that the families and loved ones of many people who don’t make a will often regret it as making a Will has many different benefits.

If you don’t’ make a Will this is what might happen …..

  • The law decides the exact order in which your relatives will receive your money and property and this may not be at all what you want.
  • The law decides who will be responsible for dealing with your money and property and making sure it passes to those relatives entitled to receive it.
  • Your husband, wife ,civil partner or partner may not receive all your money and property and may not be properly provided for and go without.
  • Even if you hold Money and Property jointly with your husband, wife, civil Partner or partner what will happen to your Money and Property if you both die in a common accident.
  • You cannot leave money to friends or chosen charities.
  • Your children will receive their money and property at age 18 – you may feel this is too young for children to receive money and property.
  • You cannot choose who will look after those children of yours who are under the age of 18.
  • You may have to pay too much Inheritance Tax. In certain circumstances Inheritance Tax at 40% may be payable on the value of your money and property in the event of your death.

If you make a Will there are many benefits -

  • You choose the people you trust to carry out your instructions in your Will and ensure your money and property passes to those you wish to benefit.
  • You choose the people who will receive your money and property and in what shares/percentages.
  • You can give personal items and items of sentimental value to named persons.
  • You can give fixed amounts of money to named persons.
  • You can leave money to relatives, friends, charities and political parties.
  • You decide the age at which your children will receive their money and property ie18 or at a later age
  • You can take steps to reduce Inheritance Tax which may be payable on money and property which you leave.

If you would like to discuss your Will:-

  • You can make an appointment to see our Wills specialist.
  • For elderly and disabled clients a home visit can be in some cases arranged.


If you are concerned as to who will look after your money and property and deal with your personal welfare if as a result of age or illness you are unable to deal with these matters yourself you will need to sign a Lasting Power of Attorney appointing those persons you trust to look after your money and property and your personal welfare.We can help you with a Lasting Power of Attorney.

We can advise on the following:-

  • Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney-Property & Affairs and Personal Welfare
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Trusts
  • Administration of Estates

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